Muck diving gets its name from the sediment that lies at the bottom of many dive sites. Could be in areas of wharfs, marinas or shallow river mouths, basically, areas with runoff or flow of water and tends to be more of a shallow depth. It can also be in areas with abundant life like Indonesia. Here the small creatures are location amongst spectacular soft corals.

Although this doesn't sound glamorous you will be amazed at the creatures and critters that live in this environment. Muck divers tend to be slow patient divers who are looking for rare nudibranchs, juvenile fish, frogfish and small, strange critters not found anywhere else. This type of diving is suitable for the passionate photographer, and this is where it falls into the Marco diving field. Having time and patience is the key, and to match this with a camera that can allow you to get close and detailed means you can not only capture something unique but in vivid detail.