Objective - raise awareness of the ecological & social value the Coral Sea & Eastern Coral Triangle has. (Sustainable measures with local communities).

Based on Magnetic Island, Australia, the Coral Sea Foundation team has set up the Sea Women of Melanesia Projects (SWOM). These projects teach local PNG ladies diving, snorkelling & reef survey techniques so the ladies are empowered to be their local reef advocates. 

  • Ladies are still recording activities & posting the results online
  • The use of the Dive Vessel Golden Dawn in Port Morseby will be used once restrictions are lifted
  • New funding for another SWOM Project (details released soon)
  • Follow the pictures on Instagram & Facebook as the diving is amazing
A report on the last SWOM trip is here. More will be released once restrictions for travel are lifted


Objective - increase baseline whale shark data & create a rudimentary understanding of their life cycle, to learn how to protect them better.

Currently, the team is based in Ecuador the jumping-off point for their Shark Dive Trips to the Galapagos Islands.

The vessel they work with is local run, well maintained and will be coming back online once the borders are open again. They have :

  • reduced the Terms & Conditions to no deposit & payment 60 days from departure
  • Increased videos on Youtube
  • Virtual Reality on their videos
  • New material released each day
  • July 1st is the scheduled Galapagos Islands opening day

Support is needed for these trips as it helps the local economy & of course, it supports the research of the Whale Sharks in this area.

Follow the link below for more details on the dates & the vessel. These will go ahead


Objective - protection, conservation & awareness of the ecosystems & the species within the Conflict Islands

The Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative (CICI) is based on the Conflict Islands, Papua New Guinea. No cases are reported in these areas which is great, but as its a flight from Port Morseby of just over one hour by plane then a 12-hour boat ride, so they are reliant on cruise ship tourism to support their operations which in turn supports the local economy as they employ local PNG people.

  • Turtle season will start in November
  • Scheduled dive trip with PDT in October & December 2021 
  • The resort is opening up local stays on its island - contact us if you're interested
Support needed from divers & conservation-minded as they rely on tourism for the local economy. Details on the dive trips are below.
Details on Diving


Objective - teach & create awareness about the marine eco-system that is The Great Barrier Reef.

Located in Cairns, Australia the stepping stone to the Great Barrier Reef. Due to the restrictions in place, Cairns, a heavily reliant tourism town has taken a massive hit. Local dive operators & day tour operators which take out people to the GBR are sitting in port. Reef Teach would conduct presentations to these travellers before the took such tours. They have adapted and are continuing education.

  • Online presentations & talks - check Facebook for details

Great time to connect & learn about marine life and the role the marine eco-system plays. Once restrictions are lifted we will continue to send divers for a visit.



Objective - Help End Demand for Turtleshell Products

Brad Nahill the founder of Too Rare to Wear is based in the USA. This organisation is about how to track & stop the use of Turtle shell. They have started an education site:

  • See Turtles.org
  • See Turtles. org has online presentations for schools + volunteer programs in South America
  • Offering Webinars to increase their emergency fund - to keep local rangers in jobs through this tough time
  • Keep up to date on their Facebook
  • Info webinars are running as well now - again details on Facebook

Check out both pages, sign up for info on the Too Rare To Wear site & share how to spot a real turtle shell product. Join the Webinar and let's support local rangers!



Objective - protect & conserve the Great Barrier Reef & reefs all around the world

Their platform brings together people, projects and organisations from across the Reef and around the world. You can become a Citizens then create your own dashboard. Using interactive & making connections you can see what you've saved in terms of waste. 

Keep up to date with actions your making & your friends. Cool to follow sharks & turtles which have been tagged.