Pelagic Dive Travel is Crowdfunding

By Terry Smith | Story | 7 Apr 2018

Our new campaign on Indiegogo is about our core value, the marine world - the preservation, sustainability and the education for it. 

With your help, we will create a program where we source local dive operators and communities in remote areas. Working with Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef about the circular economy, which means we recycle not create waste; Reef Teach Cairns which is developing education programs which can be used not only here in the Great Barrier Reef but for any marine environment; we can help the local communities sustain and preserve the marine world for their children and generations to come. Part of this will be looking at taking in charter boats to this area, so the diver can experience it and ultimately help.

I have just finished the Myriad Festival in Brisbane which brought together startup company, entrepreneurs and investors together. I meet amazing people all with great ideas. I launch our campaign at this and wore our campaign t-shirt.

With your support, we can spread these programs and help remote regions.

Thank you and I look forward to your support! 

We will be the leading independent dive travel agency who actually cares for the environment.

Thank you