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By Terry Smith | Blog | 19 Oct 2020


23 OCT - 26 OCTOBER 2020, ONLINE 24/7.

The logo & Dates from the online Scuba Digital Dive Show, held from the 23-26 October 2020.

Scuba Digital is an online Dive Trade show just like a traditional Scuba Dive Show.

You can meet exhibitors, see the speakers on the main stage, or visit a session (which is like a breakout room at a traditional trade show). Check out the offers & new equipment or search for that next dive trip. But in this instance, it's all done from the comfort of your home with no restrictions of attendees in the speaker ”rooms” or at the show itself.

The show runs from the Oct 23 at 11:00 PM to Oct 26 at 11:00 PM AEDT, on a 24/7 schedule,

(The show follows the sun covering the areas EU and Africa, then The Americas, then The Pacific, then Asia & Australia. It’s based on GMT with a full 72hrs from noon on the 23 Oct – noon on the 26 Oct 2020).

Who is Scuba Digital?

The concept for an online digital dive show was floated by ScubaClick (an online liveaboard management, reservation & online booking system) for a couple of years. In November 2019 while at DEMA they saw the possibilities & started to invest in a platform. Then COVID-19 happened, and the world changed almost overnight. Dive shows around the world were being canceled & there was uncertainty if & when they would run again. This promoted ScubaClick to do something so Scuba.Digital was born.

They put the website together, started setting up the show on the platform & on Saturday the 16 May 2020 they launched. They started by inviting exhibitors, speakers & sponsors to take part, & are hoping to have over 200 exhibitors, with more joining each day.

With Scuba.Digital it now gives attendees, exhibitors, speakers & sponsors the opportunity to participate in a dive show via their browser – directly from the comfort of their home, office or hammock, which could be anywhere in the world!

The cycle of Scuba Digital the online dive show 23-26 October 2020.
Is online dive shows the way of the future?

Due to the restrictions on travel & social distancing around the world, such a show is a great idea. You can meet dive operators, see new products & listen to speakers on subjects that interest you.  At the same time, there is a place for face to face dive shows with direct interaction creating many great friendships & getting your hands on the latest gadgets. I think perhaps next year or the year after when trade shows return it will still have an online component for those that cannot attend.

Who is exhibiting?

With around 200 exhibitors the list is long, but you can search by several categories. Please follow the link below.

Exhibitor ListA scuba diver cruising

Photo: A scuba diver enjoying the underwater world.

Who is a speaker & what is their topic?

As the show is 24/7 for 72 hours there is something for everyone from conservation to training. As it's online there can be many “Sessions” (side presentations or talks) running at the same time at any hour.

I will be speaking on the main stage on 25th October at 01.00 am UK time or 11.00 am AEDT ( 11.00 am Melbourne time). I will be introducing our partner The Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative (CICI). I will be speaking to Hayley Versace the facilitator & Steven, one of their local Rangers. We will be discussing the work they do, the importance of that work, how the local community is involved & how you can be involved as well. I am looking forward to it & hope to see you there as well.

Speaker ListButton

Baby sea turtles just hatched making their way to sea. Location is the Conflict Islands , Papua New Guinea
Why you should join Scuba.Digital 2020 from 23rd – 26th October 2020:

Pelagic Dive Travel will be there, but other reasons are:

  1. 3 Days access, 24/7 with 1 ticket
  2. Meet dive industry experts & get your answers
  3. Special dive show offers & discounts
  4. Free prize draws with fantastic prizes
  5. Scuba diving, free diving, snorkeling, & much more
  6. Presentations & talks on wrecks, corals, pelagics, liveaboard life, resorts, photography, videography, and more
  7. In your browser at home!

EMAIL US FOR OUR OFFERS info@pelagicdivetravel.com

Scuba.Digital is THE place to ask in a world of uncertainty with so many questions. Hopefully, this show can help answer some or perhaps all those questions - as we dream of beach days, diving & much-needed scene changes.

We hope to see you there!

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Colourful soft corals on Beluga dive site, Conflict Islands, PNG.