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Conservation - help research, protect, or study marine species or marine environmental issues.

Pelagic Dive Travel has a clear focus to support, promote & help create exposure for marine conservation organisations & initiatives. This search leads you to organisations & initiatives that have an opportunity for you the certified scuba diver to really help. It could be directly staying with a turtle sanctuary going on patrol into areas where turtles are coming out of the water to lay their eggs. In this case, it's to protect them from poaching, to check that the eggs are laid in a safe area, and if not to relocate them in the best possible way without the "human touch". Once they hatch then they are "helped" to be released into the wild. The "human touch" can change the little ones from knowing the beach they grew up on. ( they believe that as the turtle crosses the sand they feel, small and note everything as well as location. Where they cross the sand they come back too). This is one example shark patrols try to help local communities through education and employment on how to sustain their farming, fishing, and future fishing areas.

We support marine organisations, do you?