scuba dive, scuba liveaboard, overnight at sea


Liveaboard  - a vessel that travels out to a dive destination or dive site, to stay overnight or longer. 

A dive vacation like no other, stay onboard a dive boat overnight.  This allows the scuba diver to get to remote areas, visit more dive sites, which can offer amazing scuba diving, like the Galapagos Aggressor Liveaboard.  In each destination, the liveaboard operators will find a safe, secure haven for the night for optimal safety for the passengers and crew. There is a Liveaboard to cater for every experience level. Dive tours regularly visit liveaboard destinations like the Red Sea, Cocos Island, Raja Ampat, Papua New Guinea & Australia. You can see manta rays, awesome marine life, & being at sea allows you to perhaps, see large pelagics like Minke Whales, & Great Hammerhead Sharks

A liveaboard trip or a liveaboard vacation, is a must for every scuba diver, at least once in their life!