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Pelagic Dive Travel has been created to allow you, the certified Diver, an ease of search and booking platform to find that next Discovery. An independent provider taking you to new waters!


What to see Manta Rays or Whale Sharks? Not sure when or where to go? Pelagic Dive Travel has listed them for you against operators who have listed the possibility to see them. Based on seasons and the operator's itinerary's we have tried to make the Discovery easier to find.


Have you heard about the diving in Thailand or perhaps seeing Whale Sharks in the Philippines? Using the Destination search bar can also help you find your next dive Discovery. If you are not sure of which destination and what to see, no problem not everyone does and you do not need to enter it. 


Overnight on a boat! Liveaboards offer diving from a vessel, could be in hard to get to areas, as well as the flexibility of shifting sites, if the weather or diving is not favorable. Combine it with luxury accommodation and chef-prepared meals, it's a vessel you will call home for several days or weeks.


Perhaps spending long days on a boat doesn't appeal to you or you want to combine diving with local activities on land. Dive resorts are geared to the SCUBA Diver which offer packages that are flexible and for the Diver!


Ahhh a Resort... Lie back and relax... Well maybe, if your traveling with your non-diver partner this is the place. PDT sources the best dive spots and operators close by so you can take care of that partner!


Going deeper with 9 of the best


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