Sea Woman of Melanesia Program

By Terry Smith | Blog | 26 Aug 2019

Empowering Papua New Guinean Women to become Reef Custodians



Single Use Plastic - Actions

By Terry Smith | Blog | 1 May 2019

The third part on Single-use plastics. Check what companies, governments & organisations are doing. What are you doing on your plastic use?


Single Use Plastic | Recycling - Part Two

By Terry Smith | Blog | 26 Mar 2019

We all use plastic in our lives. Do you know that certain plastic numbers shouldn't go into the recycling bin in your area? I try to explain the recycling process and why it's important not only to take care but overall to recycle.


Single-use form plastic & the marine environment

By Terry Smith | Blog | 5 Mar 2019

A look into single-use plastic, the makeup and why we use it.


Crowdfunding Update - Goal reached

By Terry Smith | Story | 6 Jul 2018

Crowdfunding Campaign Update - Goal reached!


Pelagic Dive Travel's Crowdfunding Update!

By Terry Smith | Story | 27 Jun 2018

Crowdfunding Campaign Update!


Pelagic Dive Travel is Crowdfunding

By Terry Smith | Story | 7 Apr 2018

New Crowdfunding Campaign Launched!


Scuba Divers and their limitations

By Terry Smith | Skill | 23 Jun 2017

Do Scuba divers need to increase their skills?


Should Scuba Divers Up-skill?

By Terry Smith | Skill | 15 Jun 2017

Do Scuba divers need to increase their skills?


Diver Etiquette

By Terry Smith | Story | 8 Jun 2017

What is Scuba Diving Etiquette? How does it affect you and your dive


How do we Scuba Dive?

By Terry Smith | How to | 1 Jun 2017

Is safety the key to enjoyment?


Why do we Scuba Dive?

By Terry Smith | Story | 8 May 2017

Whats your reason for diving, is it peace, to explore or perhaps something special to you?